Our goal is to combat vaccine misinformation & promote overall campus health & wellness

Providing vaccine information and promoting overall campus health and wellness

Inspiring students to use creativity and innovation to promote vaccine awareness.

The Step Up Vax Up campaign is a statewide initiative to promote peer-to-peer COVID-19 education through digital content creation.

Ready to Step Up?

College is a place to learn and grow together! Getting vaccinated is the best way to slow the spread of COVID-19 and enjoy the campus experience as a community. Campus health is a collective effort. Show us how you Step Up to make your campus a healthier place!

Calling All Creatives! Want $5,000?

We want you to highlight health equity across campus and the importance of getting vaccinated!  Submit your digital content in the form of a video (YouTube, Tik Tok, Instagram Reel), podcast, recorded episode, or social media post. Check out our submission guidelines for more information and eligibility requirements!

Prizes will be awarded to the top-rated student submissions!

Submissions are NOW OPEN! Stay connected with us via Twitter and Instagram.

Grand Prize


Second Prize


Third Place


Faculty and staff are encouraged to support student participation for a chance to receive a $1,000 School Staff Champion prize!

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